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"My Last Day"

"My Last Day" is a take on Christ's crucifixion as seen from the viewpoint of one of the thieves who were crucified alongside Him. It was commissioned by The JESUS Film Project and animated by Japan’s Studio 4ºC.

Here's some info from the film-makers, taken from their youtube page:

"About 7 years ago, in Budapest, a few of us brainstormed an idea for creating a version of Jesus' story in Japanese "Anime" form. We convinced former Disney animator, Barry Cooke and worked for years to massage various scripts, music and concepts. HERE IT IS!

At one point it was the story of Jesus meeting the "Demoniac." Eventually, we decided the first story would be about Jesus' death and resurrection.

This story unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same brutal crucifixion sentence as Christ. "My Last Day" is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption. Animé created by The JESUS Film Project, with Barry Cook and Studio 4C (株式会社スタジオよんどしい Kabushiki-Gaisha Sutajio Yondo Shii). They created Animatrix, Tekkon Kinkreet and Gotham Knight.

Hopefully this will be the first of many short stories of Jesus' life. Thank you all for the years of prayer."

via - cartoonbrew

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sketch Theater

Hey folks, a great inspirational resource. Some dark content, but the techniques are superb. I'm blown away when folks can just start on one side of the paper and build the sketch, without laying any ground work. (Mute the tracks, makes it much easier to absorb the techniques.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wall*E Review

I know this is years late but I still wanted to share this great review of Wall*E by Dave Hamstra.

"Do thinking machines enhance our humanity or rob us of it? While those of us who benefit from our computerized society may choose to ignore this existential question, the very existence of Pixar, the animation studio whose movies contain nothing but images wrought with thinking machines, depends on the answer. And in their latest animated feature, WALL-E, Pixar has confronted this question and answered it with an unambiguous, 'Yes.'?"

Click Here for the full article.

(For the sake of full disclosure I have to say that Dave is my brother-in-law. But that doesn't mean I was forced to post his review. It truly is a fascinating read.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charity Auction

Hey everybody, here is something that we should all check out. The Art Institute of California is putting on a charity auction to benifit Loma Linda Children's Hospital. They are auctioning off art from artist such as:

Alex Leon, Alina Chau, Angie Hu, Aurian Redson, Bonnie Lui, Bill Perkins, Brian Yam, Bruce Smith, Chad Morgan, Charlie Wen, Christian Narcordo, David Colman, Dean Yeagle, Derek Kosol, Erik Martin, Eunjung June Kim, Elisa Takagi, Floyd Norman, Gerald Dedios, Glen Keane, Glen Vilppu, Grace Lee, Greg K Smith, Iain McCaig, Jackson Sze, Jason Scheier, Justin Gerard, Kate Burgess, Katy Wu, Kelly Light, Lesley Vamos, Ken Kenishito, Kohei Nakajima, Lorelay Bove, Lou Romano, Lubomir Arsov, Martin Hsu, Marshall Vandruff, Mark Henn, Mike Hernadez, Molly Hahn, Morgan Sheffield, Pascal Campion, Peter De Seve, Rick Caughman, Robh Ruppel. Rona Liu, Roque Ballesteros, Rosana Sullivan, Shaun Tan, Stephen Silver, Sunny Apinchapong, Tara Rueping, Traci Honda, Uwe Heidschoetter, Vivian Nguyen, Victoria Ying

There are some big names in there and a lot of amazing artists. The auction is December 19th, from 5pm to 10pm. Check out more on this here.